GTA V Next Gen Additions Detailed

Rockstar Games have finally broken their silence to detail additions to the next generation of their hugely successful Grand Theft Auto V. In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Rockstar detailed some of the new activities, vehicles and other additions exclusive to the next generations versions of GTA V (XBox One and PC included, as confirmed in a Rockstar Q&A), due for release next month.

The additions will be free to anyone upgrading their existing GTA V save only – from PS3 or Xbox 360, but only to those upgrading – anyone entering Los Santos for the first time will likely be able to access the new content at a later date or via an in-game unlock/purchase.


First up is confirmation that players will be able to encounter new events happening across the game world that will unlock the Imponte Duke O’Death (see featured image) that looks like something straight out of Mad Max and the Dodo Seaplane (above) – a returning GTA series favorite, originally found way back in GTA3! The Imponte Duke O’Death looks like it could be a lot of fun, with the post on the PlayStation Blog explaining As you might expect, when you first stumble upon this near-indestructible mayhem machine, trouble will follow. Deal with it judiciously and this beauty’s all yours”.

Playing as Michael, there will also be a new set of “Murder Mystery” missions in the next gen game in which Michael must unravel a series of clues relating to a mysterious murder. Successfully solving the case unlocks two “Noir Style Filters” which allows players to change the visual experience to mimic that of old school gangster movies.


There are a couple of new weapons dropping into Los Santos too, including the brutal looking Rail Gun seen above and a brutal Hatchet for players who enjoy the more close combat butchery approach, most likely to be used by Trevor!

There’s also a new photography challenge mode players can take on as Franklin at the request of the Los Santos Tourist Board which sees Franklin unlocking a special Kraken Sub by successfully photographing a series of unique wildlife species.


Stock Car Races will be another next generation addition to GTA V, giving players the ability to unlock special muscle cars which beautifully adorn logos from many of the GTA series’ favorite fictional brands. There will also be new vehicles added into the game including a Monster Truck and a new Blimp.

Monkey Mosaics will see players photographing monkey silhouette graffiti plastered around Los Santos in order to unlock new monkey outfits for the games playable characters. Sadly there’s no screenshot of these new outfits yet.

There will also be further additions to be found that won’t be revealed pre-launch, explained by Rockstar: There will also be a bounty of content for all players, new and returning, to discover – including a fleet of classic GTA vehicles and a few more surprises we’ve got planned that you’ll have to discover for yourself come game day”. 

Is this enough new content for you returning GTA V fans, or were you expecting other additions? Let us know in the comments below or on the forums. We’ll update you with any further next gen GTA developments as Rockstar drip feeds us.

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