When you’re a kid, you learn that if you overfeed a fish, you wind up killing it. Clearly, nobody in charge of the major movie studios owned a fish, so they had to learn this lesson the hard way.

“We’ll just release Solo six months after The Last Jedi — that’s plenty of time!” said Disney. And an entire lineup of planned spinoffs perished. “How about we put out two Lego Movie spinoffs in one year — what could possibly go wrong?” said Warner Bros. And a series rife with potential quickly died from overexposure.

So this time, when WB looked at its upcoming schedule and noticed Godzilla Vs. Kong was slated to come out less than a year after Godzilla: King of the Monsters, they thought “hmm….maybe we shouldn’t do this.” And, thankfully, another instance of oversaturation was avoided. It’s been delayed, says Variety.

WB has a lot riding on Godzilla Vs. Kong…they’ve been gearing up to this moment for years. After the successful revival of Godzilla, and then the successful revival of King Kong, having a clash between the two was the next logical step. But the audience has to be ready. We just saw Godzilla blow up about twenty dozen monsters; one giant gorilla can’t help but look weaker in comparison, unless time and distance are applied.

The new release date for Godzilla Vs. Kong is November 2020. The old date was March 13.