The new God of War game will feature some departures for the franchise. Kratos, the titular antihero of the franchise, is back. Times have changes. However, the other big reveal for the new game for the franchise is that Kratos has an adopted son. That character has finally received a name.

The game and demo were revealed at E3. The gameplay featured Kratos taking his adopted son on a hunt and teaching him how to hunt and kill a deer. That son has now been named as Atreus. The name was discovered by Twitter user Fabiano Banin. His name was located in the comments section of an MP3 file for the “Overture” for the game’s trailer score. Game director Cory Balrog then answered Banin back on Twitter, confirming that Atreus is in fact the name of Kratos’ young son. You can see their exchange below.

It seems the release of this news was a little premature and almost accidental. Either way, it’s nice to have a name to the face of Kratos’ son. Also, it would be interesting to learn more about the game’s mother. It’s possible Kratos never remarried or was with Atreus’ mother. The implication of the E3 video was that Atreus was adopted by Kratos and the boy’s mother is likely dead.

The new God of War game will be released later on. It does not yet have a release date. The game will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Kratos now faces creatures and monsters of Norse mythology rather than those of Greek myth and legend.