Goblin Grapple, a new card game from Silver Gaming Company, is on the way. To help with costs, Silver Gaming has launched a crowdfunding campaign that is currently a raging success. Here’s how the game works…

Gameplay in Goblin Grapple is similar to games like Stratego and classic War. Five cards are dealt to each player, then turns are taken clockwise, Each player draws a card, then has an option available to them depending on what cards they hold

1: Discard a Goblin Spy
If you discard a Goblin Spy, you get to look at another player’s hand. You may swap any card from their hand with a card in yours.Discard the spy face up by the deck, and choose a player. That player must show you their entire hand. You can then choose to take any card of your choosing and give them one in return. Multiple spies can be played in the same turn.

2: Place A Goblin Into Your Army
Place a goblin from your hard face down into your army. Each goblin that is placed into your army must be placed
on top of previous goblins. Cards that are placed into your army cannot attack once placed, so choose carefully! Goblins placed into your army are worth points at the end of the round as long as other players do not defeat them.

3: Attack Another Player’s Army
If another player has an army, you can choose to attack the top goblin by playing a card from your hand.

Conflict between goblins is resolved simply: the stronger one wins. However, this won’t always be the case:

Goblin Grapple is designed for ties to happen often. When a battle is tied, the attacker has the advantage. For the defender to gain advantage, they play a card face down from their hand to continue the battle.

The attacker can then choose whether to re-engage that card by using a card from their hand. This process will keep repeating until either a player decides not to re-engage, or a Goblin wins the battle. The winner receives all face-up cards involved into their garrison. If both players tie until they run out of cards completely, the goblins are split between them evenly.

Goblin Grapple started with a goal of just $5000 and has now raised over quadruple that amount. $21,035 was the tally when this newspost was published. If you’d like a copy for yourself, you have five more days to click this link — the Kickstarter officially closes this Sunday at 11 AM.