A lot of subscription services were announced today, but only one wasn’t from a behemoth phone and computer company, so it was largely ignored. Except here! You’re probably the first to read about Gameclub, a subscription service for mobile games launching later this fall.

As any serious gamer knows by now, the mobile market is pretty broken. There is an overabundance of bad games made cheaply in third-world countries starring copyrighted characters they don’t own. The majority of them are “free” but balance that out with predatory psychological gimmicks meant to separate “whales” from their money. Gameclub aims to change all this.

Serious gamers would pay for good mobile games if they could find them. Gameclub does the work for you. They select non-gimmicky, non-pradatory premium games for their lineup and deliver them to you for a monthly fee. Best yet, none of these games require an Internet connection to play.

“Smartphones sparked an explosion of creativity in games, however much of that innovation has been snuffed out by titles that are free to download but often rely on manipulative practices and annoying monetization schemes,” said Dan Sherman, CEO and co-founder of GameClub. “Too many talented game creators have been driven away from mobile and GameClub believes players deserve better.”

Gameclub will launch later this fall with a lineup of over 50 games. The exact slate has yet to be determined, but on the way are Super Crate Box (Vlambeer), Legendary Wars (Liv Games), Minigore (Mountain Sheep), Space Miner (Venan Entertainment), Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (Tiger Style), Mage Gauntlet (Rocketcat Games), and others. The service will be available on iOS and Android.

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