Funko Pops: They’re for breakfast! Wow!

One morning, the head of the Funko Pops Factory walked into the main engine room to hear complete silence. It turned out the workers had already issued Funkos for every single fictional character ever invented, and now there was nothing to manufacture. The CEO scratched his beard and said they had two choices: wait a couple months to release Funko versions of Fox’s “Cool Kids,” or expand their own brand. “Starting today, we’re making CEREAL!” he announced.

Funko Pops Cereal, or FunkO’s, works in the same way the figures do: multiple boxes will be released featuring one specific popular licensed character, and they’ll all be exclusive to various specialty stores and outlets. Each box of wholesome goodness will also include a Funko Pop of the character advertised.

The FunkO’s lineup begins with Mega Man, Cuphead, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Gollum. You’ll have to do some running around to collect them all: Mega Man is exclusive to Gamestop, Cuphead can only be found at Hot Topic, Freddy and Jason are only at FYE, and Gollum is only at a place called BoxLunch (never heard of it, have you?)

Soon, they won’t be alone. Next month FunkOs will exist for Pennywise the Clown (Hot Topic), Batman and Batgirl (Entertainment Earth) Beetlejuice (BoxLunch), Cthulhu (BAM!) and Huckleberry Hound (Funko’s own website).

Funko Pops cereal is part of a complete breakfast.