Along with our weekly podcasts, TheParanoidGamer will be releasing a few audio opinion pieces each week that discuss various subjects within the gaming industry and paranormal field. This week we talk about the media bias that has rose to the top of many gamers minds as a result of Bioware’s treatment of Mass Effect 3 fans.


Below you can check out the video we were talking about; pay attention to the 2:15 mark.


Feel free to continue the discussion in our comment section.


  1. I have to say I like coming here to read you guys’ reviews and listen to the podcasts. It’s a smaller, more shoot-the-breeze site, and it’s what I’ve been looking for.

    Getting to the root of the larger gaming review sites is like trying to get to the bottom of the chicken and the egg question. Is there an answer? yes, but once the whole thing starts, it doesn’t really matter anymore what happened first.

    I sincerely thank you for not putting ads on the bottom of a long page that have sound, so you have to find them and shut them off. 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback, Robert (Founder of the site and in charge of website design) will be adding a podcast section on the top menu soon. We’ve only gotten two Podcasts out (a third one soon).

      All feedback is appreciated.

    • So, we went ahead and added a podcast section towards the top where the contact us section is. We also went ahead and added them on each main menu item. There’s also a playlist available on the sidebar of each page. Should be easy enough to find now :). Thanks!

      • Nice work Robert. I like the opinions Think I’ll go and listen to that new podcast now 🙂

        Also, the regarding the point you guys made about why people keep going back to sites like IGN, I think there are two separate but related issues. First is that, and this may be a generalisation, the people who visit IGN do so mainly for general information. Therefore some of the discussions that we have about the ME3 ending or older game series’ go striaght over their heads.

        Secondly I think there is an aspect of reinforcement theory here; i.e. people only visit those sites which support their beliefs. If a site is routinely slating games or causes you like/support then you probably aren’t going to visit that site again. Conversely, if a game is continuously praised by a site (and let’s face it all major games on IGN are- lower than 8.0 is almost unheard of) then you are going to want to continue visiting that site.

        Just a minor point as well, but would you be able to introduce the people on the podcast? On the first podcast it wasn’t an issue but on this one you guys just went straight into it- would be good for some of the new listeners, e.g. me ;-), to get to know you better.

        • Thanks. We actually do two seperate things for the podcasts. Behind the Desk, which I believe is what you heard is more of a unformatted discussion about certain topics. In the actual podcasts is where we introduce the various staff members. You can tell since those are episodes :). Hope that clears stuff up.

          I think your points are right on about the IGN stuff.

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