Enjoy shmups, but wish your spaceship was a giant hand with a protruding middle finger instead? I think we’ve all had that wish at one point. Fortunately developer Wide Right Interactive is here to finally grant it with Freedom Finger, a profant journey through twelve worlds to, in their words, “protect Democrassy.” That’s either a misspelled concept or the name of a dog.

Your hand-ship isn’t just for making rude gestures; you can use it to PUNCH enemies instead of shooting them (a great idea), or you can grab them and throw them into the distance. A rhythm-based system rewards you for shooting and punching in time to the soundtrack. The game also has an amazing voice cast including Nolan North and John “Bender” DiMaggio.

Note that if Freedom Finger is too “extreme” for you, there’s a censored mode “complete with voice-overs befitting that of a rated-R movie being played on daytime television.” Sounds hilarious.

  • Rhythm-based gameplay, enemies, bosses, and events are synced to the music
  • Over 30 hand-drawn levels and 12 different worlds
  • A blend of melee and shoot ‘em up combat, every enemy is a weapon, grab, toss, punch, and shoot your way through space
  • Highly satirical story-line chocked full of hot button topics
  • Choose your own difficulty, sit back and enjoy the music or crank up the difficulty for butt-clenching action
  • A stellar cast featuring the voices of Nolan North, John DiMaggio, Sam Riegel, and Eric Bauza
  • Jam-packed soundtrack with music from Aesop Rock, Red Fang, Power Trip, Com Truise, The Radio Dept, METZ, and many more

You can start your fight for freedom today as Freedom Finger flicks onto PC and Nintendo Switch.

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