For the past six months, French developer Oh BiBi (maybe that means something in French) has been running beta tests for Frag, their new mobile shooter. Today they’re pleased to announce their testing is done: Frag is a finished product, and it’s fraggable anywhere you go on both standard OSes.

Here’s how to play Frag: each match teleports you to an arena along with four AI teammates, which can be pre-chosen from a library of forty. You can switch between the characters at any time, or automatically take control of one when your current character dies. Your team’s goal: be the last ones standing!

“When we started the project a year ago, before Fortnite blew up, we were certain a shooter would hit the top 10 on mobile,” says Oh BiBi cofounder Stanislas Dewavrin. “Control was a challenge during the design phase. We wanted it to be absolutely perfect. As precise as a mouse, and as intuitive as a touch interface. After months of hard work, we figured out a system that would feel totally natural on mobile.”

  • True FPS adapted to all mobile platforms: controls are designed to offer the best experience on an unmatched variety of mobile devices.
  • Real time intense battles for casual or strategic play: 40 characters with unique special powers.
  • Social integration: the game features a social platform to communicate with fellow fraggers and share videos both in game and on social media.

Check out Frag for free, now on iOS and Android.

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