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Does anyone watch any wrestling shows: WWE, TNA, ROH, Japan?

Just curious to see if there are any WWE Fans here


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I definitely watch every week with my husband. I feel like they're in a slump right now. The Shield isn't really doing anything for me. They lost me on Ryback when they switched his catch phrase from "Feed me more" to "Ryback Rules". It took him from more convincingly wanting to beat the crud out of anyone that stood in his path to something a 12 year old would scream out in 1990.

Daniel Bryan's interesting. CM Punk is interesting. I'm curious to see what they do with Mark Henry. Otherwise, meh. They need to step up their game.


Personally, I do not watch any wrestling shows. I do not think I have ever even watched WWE, but I have heard a lot about it. Wrestling does not really interest me in real life, so I honestly do not care about wrestling on television.

Matt H

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My wrestling fandom has waned a lot in these past few years. I really just never got into TNA. It felt way too much like WCW again since I started around the time Hogan came into it.

On RAW, there's things I like, but way too much i don't going on. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan should be credited for keeping my interest there though. They really need to continue building up their new talent pool since people like Triple H and Cena aren't getting any younger.

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