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When I say theme song I mean what song describes how you feel today or what your aspirations are. For example, if you're at work and want to go home a song relating to that or if something good really happened to you and you're feeling great choose a song related to that.

My theme song for today is: Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song".
It's Sunday and it's very true that I don't feel like doing anything.


This Will Be The Day, by Jeff Williams. It's also the theme song for the animated series RWBY, which is viewable on the Rooster Teeth official YouTube channel.

It never is the day, but it's rocking! Weeeee aaaaaaare liiiiiightniiiing...


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California Dreamin. Mamas and Papas. Its always my theme la....Aly McBeal (we all need a theme tune). Love it....always makes me smile whatever the day.


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Today its a very simple and beautiful tune by Radical Face called Doorways. I feel homesick, melancholy and sentimental today. I miss a certain someone.
When I was just a boy still owl-eyed
I liked to drink the rain to taste the sky
I tried to count the stars while in my bed
To keep the thoughts of monsters from my head

And I believed the stars were wishes
I believed the world was good
I believed things hid in the dark
And that all would turn out just how it should
I believed in all your stories
I believed you'd never lie
I believed if I could climb the trees behind the house,
I'd touch the sky

I believed the skies were doorways home


Today's theme tune is "Shut Up Shuttin' Up" by Victor, otherwise known as Alex Lifeson from Rush. It's about his wife nagging him and it is earbugging me as I have been nagged at all day today!



It's My Life by Bon Jovi. Not really a theme song for today, but it's the one stuck in my head since this morning so..


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I Started A Joke by Bee Gees suddenly became my theme song. I just found myself singing it out loud in the stairway in our school when I saw the guy I like down there and in the evening, I heard him sing it, too. It might be nothing special for the others but for two people like us who never talk to each other made it look like we communicate through songs at least. Okay I'm now laughing at the absurdity of this thought. :D


This morning when I woke up and switched on the TV, the song that was playing on Vh 1 was "I want to break free." This is one of my all time favorite movies. After watching this song, I went to the bathroom, all the while singing it. This has not become a theme song for today.


Today the song Blame It On the Boogie :D by Michael Jackson has been going thru my mind. It's because I've watched this Spike Lee Documentary about Jackson's career in the 70s around three times. It's actually become an obsession lately. However, I'm beginning to have doubts about Jackson's fame as it seems to be cheating, sort of like body builders who use steroids. A lot of his lyrics and actions are quite bizarre, besides the plastic surgery.
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