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It didn’t take long for Call of Duty Warzone to land its first major public esports event. Twitch Rivals: Warzone Streamer Showdown is a new competition where the biggest Twitch names from all over the world throw down, with a prize pool of $250,000 (or the pounds/Euros equivalent) at stake.
There will be two tournaments held over two days, and unfortunately, the first of these has already passed. March 25 was the day for the Solos tournament, but it’s not too late to catch the Trios tournament on March 26. It’s also not too late to watch Solos on the event’s Twitch archive.
Day One | Battle Royale (Solos)

Platform: or Equivalent Required
Format: Public Matchmaking
Time Limit: 3.5 Hours

Any game started within 10 minutes of the tournament’s end time will not be counted.

Game Limit: 20 Max Games per Player
Leaderboard Determined By: Kills & Placement in Eligible Games*...
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