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Hey guys,

I've gotten a couple requests for this, so I thought I'd put out a offer for everyone.

We'll be at the Lexington, KY Comic & Toy Con this weekend from Friday to Sunday as vendors. Our booth will be Power Ranger heavy but will be carrying many other unrelated toys and video games. If you're attending or in the area, we will be opening our booth to consignment. We will only ask a standard consignment fee of 20% sale price. I apologize for the late announcement, but we've been overrun with getting ready for the con and I didn't even think about consignment until a couple people started asking us about it. We do have limited space so we can't go selling entire collections for you but if you have a few items you'd like to get rid of, we'll be happy to save space for them. Don't want to consign? You can also bring your stuff to sell to us or trade in toward the many things we'll be selling.

We are also restructuring and as soon as we get back, we will relaunch as


We're in the process of scripting a complete web store and we look to start serving as THE online source for new and pre-owned Toys, Video Games and Collectibles where you can Buy, Sell or Trade with us from anywhere in the world.

As a bonus, here's a little preview for Lexington: :3


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