There Are Four Hosts Podcast Episode 6 – Star Trek Picard (The End is the Beginning)

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Can you believe it’s only been three episodes?! Join us as we discuss the episode “The End is the Beginning”. How long have Zhaban and Laris been John Wick fans? What’s it say about someone who makes their EMH’s look like themselves? Were we the only ones who squealed like a little girl when Picard said engage?? Join us as we answer those questions and more!
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There Are Four Hosts! (A Star Trek Picard Podcast)
Episode – 06 (The End is the Beginning)
welcome to therefore host is always there are four hosts. I’m Sabrina. You can find me on Twitter, Twitter and Instagram and avoid cat gaming. And I’m very happy to tell you that one of us is back. J Thank
you very much. Hey, this is that. That’s just average day on all socials. I apologize for missing the last couple episodes. I had a bit of a medical thing going on, And, uh, as you can hear, my voice still isn’t 100% but I...

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