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Swiss indie studio Stray Fawn has announced their latest eccentric product. You’ve played city-building management sims before, but have you ever done it on the back of a gigantic creature? That’s the premise behind The Wandering Village, the newly revealed game now running its crowdfunding campaign.
The rapid spread of a new plant and its toxic spores have brought about the apocalypse. The only place that seems to be safe is the back of a giant, slow-moving, dinosaur-like monster. So the refugees that made it onto the creature decide to build a community there. You’ll be overseeing their progress and making all their decisions, conducting scouting missions for resources, and most importantly, keeping the big beast you live on happy.
Gameplay will change as the creature wanders through the world, passing a variety of different biomes and changing the weather conditions. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to mind that you’re growing plants on its back (thank goodness that works somehow)...
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