The Rad Toy Thread of Action!

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This is a thread where you can post pics of you toku toys (or non-toku toys, really) new or old in action sequences. I'll kick things off with a few of my pics, though I only have a cell phone camera so I know other contributors will blow my stuff out of the water.

Ultraman Agul (V2) "clipping the wings" of a "Ryuu-Seijin"

Senpujin Harrier in a "quaint town"

Guyver Gigantic taking on Zoalord Guyot

Hopper 2 facing off against a scorpion kaijin

The Lord of the Speed!!

Zolda don't take no guff
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lol Love the Senpujin one.

Damn, we had one (or maybe two) of these thread before but it (they) got buried. They're so much fun, really need to keep them from dying. :shakefist I should take some pics of my stuff then if I don't want that to happen again no?. :sweat: Gotta find a good place to setup though. Hmmm...

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Here's a couple I did today:

What can I say, I guess Hongo will fight just about anybody when peanut butter is involved.

Dyna's having a hell of a time trying to break the Biker-Kaiju's grip.

B Samurai

If everything goes according to plan, Ill have some cool new figures to do some awesome poses with. But until then, I shall see with what I can do with my Jungle Fury toys.


Sorry I couldn't deliver this week, but I forgot to bring my camera home with me :sweat:

So, here's an older picture of mine:

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