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Why is every good TV show Cancelled
I'm a little surprised there isn't already one on here, but maybe I shouldn't be...

Anyway, I did kind of get into this show & enjoy it, but what really prompted this was the reactions going on over on Rangerboard, on which I do not have an account. Apparently, people enjoyed season 2 of the show far better than season 1 & it just got renewed for a third season. But, at the last second, they announced that the show is suddenly leaving FOX, moving to HULU & will not skip this entire television season to premiere next fall & people over there are flipping out left & right. They're all viewing this as some sort of betrayal- either by Seth, by FOX- to either them personally, or to network television, or just because the FOX channel is in a perpetual state of dying in general, with regard to the latter.

I'm a little sad. Since I don't have any of these internet TV subscription stations, I won't be able to continue watching until it comes out on DVD. That being said, though, I think I know why this happened between things I know Seth has said & things mentioned on that thread. Seth made fun of the Orville a few times on the last season of Family Guy, mainly bitching that he regrets making the show, now, because it's taking up too much of his time that he'd rather spend working with & on the show that started his career in the first place- Family Guy. My guess is that he wanted more time to work on The Orville S3 at a slower pace, wasn't allowed with the network TV schedule & Disney, which bought out FOX recently, acquiesced by moving him over to another of their subsidiaries, HULU.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone's watched it or gotten into it. I was never much a fan of Star Trek, but this parody isn't all that bad & it filled in a weekday night for me. I hope FOX'll, at least, allow the show to be shown in reruns, even after the new episodes move completely over to HULU. If anyone whatsoever is even listening, what do you guys think?
Only watched the first few episodes of Series 1.
As a love-letter to TNG, it's pretty alright (and at least feel more like Star Trek than Discovery), but Seth MacFarlane's juvenile sense of humour is what kills it for me. If show dials it down, I can believe it becoming a pretty enjoyable watch. Unfortunatly I don't really want to catch up with Orvile right now, so I can't see for myself.
Maybe some day.


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Bought Series I on DVD having seen it on Hulu a couple of years ago.
It made me think of Red Dwarf from Dave channel.


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I seen most of season 2. I was late to see season 1. I like the series. It felt like Star trek, even though it take place in another universe. :D