The One Ring Can Now Be Played Solo

Peter Paltridge

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Most tabletop games are multiplayer affairs, but a solitary RPG experience can be done, if the manufacturer wills it. Free League’s The One Ring, one of their most popular products, now has a means of doing just that. It’s called Strider Mode, and it’s just been added to the digital version of the game.
Designed by Shawn Tomkin (Ironsworn, Starforged) and Matt Click (Ironsworn: Delve, Mecha Hack), The One Ring Strider Mode modifies the rules and establishes additional guides to make venturing across Middle-Earth on your own possible. “The mode also includes guidelines for solo players and a selection of random, but thematic, tables to help incite and inspire your solitary wanderings,” says Free League. “Wonderous adventures awaits in the world of The Lord of the Rings.”
The current new edition of The One Ring, created by game designer Francesco Nepitello, comes in a new hardbound volume containing a set of updated and streamlined rules based on player feedback over the years. The...

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