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Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is a juiced-up remake of the classic late 90s racer, containing all the tracks from the original game, all the tracks from its PS2 sequel, and plenty of extra content in the form of free DLC updates. Last month, that meant the Spooky Grand Prix and Halloween-themed events, characters and karts. Now it’s November, and we’re headed to the circus.
The Neon Circus Grand Prix, to be specific…the fifth in CTR’s DLC schedule. Just like the previous four, everything you get in this new competition is free, including….
NEW TRACK: Koala Kong is the master of ceremonies for this brand-new
track, Koala Carnival! It’s a death-defying big top spectacle, done the
way only Koala can.
NEW GAME MODE: Hit those curves, secure those straightaways, tighten
your path with Ring Rally, a new game mode in Local Arcade! Master each
track and complete Ring Rally challenges to earn Nitro.
NEW CHARACTERS: Crash Tag Team racers Pasadena O’Possum and Ebenezer Von
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