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Maybe I was a bit naive in thinking Square Enix would stop making Kingdom Hearts games after the third one. It took a lot of effort to get it done, after all, and it’s my understanding it wraps up the story of the “trilogy” (note that I did not finish the game, nor come close. Got as far as Woody and Buzz though). Also, Square called the sales “disappointing,” but they do that for every single game they sell when it doesn’t clear 100 billion copies in its first week.’
But nope…we’re doin’ this. Not only is Kingdom Hearts 4 now in development, but it’s apparently been in the works for some time, possibly right after the DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 was finished. Or possibly before that. Anyway, there’s a trailer out there. (Note: half of this video is hyping their KH mobile projects, so you’ll want to skip to the middle.)

Kingdom Hearts 4 appears to pick up several years after the third game and stars a decidedly older Sora. In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s a certain...

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Kingdom Hearts used to have its own distinct art style. Now Sora looks like he is from Final Fantasy. I have mixed emotions about this.


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Sora has never looked more like a Final Fantasy character than he does now. I didn't expect that, and I certainly didn't expect it to be called Kingdom Hearts 4. Given the length of time it took to create Kingdom Hearts 3, it's no surprise that Kingdom Hearts 3 took so long. I'm hoping we won't have to wait a decade for this. It's become a running joke in the community.


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I have no idea what's happening in the Kingdom Hearts plotline anymore, but I'm still going to buy this game!
Sora, he's starting to resemble Noctis! Kingdom Hearts is now a Final Fantasy game featuring Disney characters, thanks to the new art style!

Final Fantasy characters are missing from Kingdom Hearts 3, so please include them in this; some of us play Kingdom Hearts for the Final Fantasy content. So far, it appears to be very cool, and it sure came out of nowhere.

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I'm a little disappointed that Sora no longer wears his big shoes because that was one of his most distinguishing features, but I think his design is superb. It'll take me a while to get used to it, but the new gameplay looks fantastic, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I just recently became a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. At first, I thought the game looked childish, but I was worried my sister would make fun of me, so I played the 1.5 version on the Nintendo DS.


What happened to Sora's ginormous shoes? Why does he have normal shoes now? KH lost its Uniqueness with this Final Fantasy Art Style.


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Disney+ should make a Kingdom Hearts animation, in my opinion. It's the ideal series for such a reinvention.


Haley Joel Osment better keep the role of Sora. I will never accept any other voice actor but him. He have this role since he was a kid.


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Are you sure we will not wait for 10 years to play this? Remember Kingdom Hearts 2 was first advertised during the Ps3 Era. On the other hand, Nomura no longer works for SE, so this could be a game-changer. We might get this ASAP.


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Okay, if they've transformed him so much that he resembles a Final Fantasy character, I'd expect to see some Final Fantasy characters in this game. What exactly am I referring to? I'm talking as if we won't see this game again for a decade.
Let's not let this detract from the reality that, despite making us wait for our entire childhoods, KH3 was generally horrible and far worse than 2. Since the first game, I've been a fan, but the third installment is a disappointment.


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🤣🤣🤣Knowing the reputation of this series, I will get to play it when I am 60 years old at Playstation 9.😂🤣🤣