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Capelight Pictures has announced they’re bringing the South Korean film The Roundup to the US, effective today. The action-comedy is the biggest homegrown hit in its home country for 2022 (at least so far).
Beast cop Ma Seok-do and Captain Jeon Il-man have a new assignment: to retrieve a fugitive who has been caught and is currently being held in Vietnam. (Note: the copy says “BEAST Cop,” not “Beat Cop,” but I don’t think this is a typo as the poster for the film also calls him “Beast”….bizarre.) Seems routine, until they realize this suspect willingly turned himself in and that is unlike him. It’s almost like…this is a setup. They run into the REAL problem soon enough: a violent killer named Kang Hae-sang whose rampage may be unstoppable.
The Roundup is a sequel to the equally popular 2017 SK film The Outlaw, and stars Don Lee, Son Sukku, Choi Guy-hwa and Park Ji-hwan. It was directed by Lee Sang-yong, developed by Don Lee and Kang Yoon-sung, and presented by ABO Entertainment...

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Koreans really slays when it comes to crime films! The movie was fantastic from beginning to end. It's amazing how they managed to incorporate humor into the violent scenes.
I remember the controversy of this movie in Vietnam because of how incompetent it portrayed Vietnamese Police to make Koreans look superior.

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