Sonic Celebrates His Fifth IDW Anniversary

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<p>Sonic has been a star of American comics for almost as long as he’s been a star of video games. He first appeared in a comic in late 1992 and stayed with Archie Comics for over 20 years, until an incident with one of their ex-writers drove Sega to pull the license. Basically Archie was bad at holding onto contracts, Ken Penders found out and used the loophole to file ownership of characters he’d invented, breaking the continuity and eventually ending the series.</p>


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IDW goes well with their adapted licensed comics, Its no shock that they still have Sonic's license because they did a great job.


Oh good old days, I still remember how I used to wait for this show to air on tv and have fond memories of watching and enjoying it.
I was watching Sonic from my childhood, it reminds me to Sony Ericson mark. But it is in general in form of speed and doing a lot of actions in short time frame.


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I did not read comics, therefore, I did not know Sonic was also a comic character. I know the Sonic video games but I never played these games. I have heard a lot of positive reviews on Sonic The Hedgehog, therefore, I might try my hands in the near future.

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