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There are a lot of games these days that take place after the apocalypse, but few are more involved than Shelter Manager, the upcoming sim from Ukraine-based Hamsters Gaming. Everything about it is customizable, down to the instigator of the apocalypse itself (pick from nukes, plague or meteor).
Thanks to one of those three, you’re now the manager of an underground bunker containing the remnants of humanity. When you first begin you can’t survive outside for long, so you must manage your resources carefully. You can decide the schedule your civilians follow, as well as what kind of people you’re training them to be…will they use their smarts to science their way out of this mess? Will they lift weights and practice their gun aim to become a powerful army? Or will they become laborers, mining resources for trade with other surviving communities? Everything’s up to you (so don’t mess up).

Choose from three locations (USA, Europe, and Asia) and one global catastrophe to live through...
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