Schedule Released For 17th Annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

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Jun 20, 2012
SF IndieFest is prepping for their seventeenth annual Another Hole in the Head Film Festival; the last San Francisco film festival of 2020. Over forty feature films and over 250 short films will be screened during this special event.
But you don’t have to get in your car and head there this time…in fact, this year you don’t even have to live in San Francisco. This is your one chance to experience the Another Hole In The Head Film Festival no matter where you live! It’s happening on and Tickets are now on sale and the full schedule has been reproduced below.
The 17th annual Another Hole In The Head Film Festival lasts from December 11th through the 27th. Individual tickets cost $10; a full pass is $125, a ten-film pass is $75 and a five-film pass
is $40. Some events are free (and marked below as such).
Saturday, December 5 , 7pm
Festival Previews (Free!)
The festival staff will be on hand to screen trailers for this year’s films, and
discuss them live with...

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