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A JRPG in virtual space? Does that work? Someone decided to find out: publisher Mastiff and developer CharacterBank have just launched RUINSMAGUS, a first-person, fully immersive VR JRPG for modern devices.
“RUINSMAGUS is the product of every dream we’ve had since we were children,” says Shuto Mikami, president of CharacterBank.”For us, there’s nothing better than having both experienced VR enthusiasts and new players enjoy their time in the world we created for them.”
The all-caps name of the game is also the name of the guild you happen to belong to. Beneath the surface of the metropolis called Grand Amnis, there’s a labyrinth of abandoned, ancient ruins. There are a lot of valuable artifacts down there, but every one of them is protected by fierce guardians. The RUINSMAGUS Guild ventures into the ruins to battle the guardians and bring back the treasure. Sound simple enough? It won’t be nearly that easy….especially with the guardians right in your face!

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Son of my Parents
The game has a repulsive quality about it. The musical motif also appeals to me.
The game looks AMAZING, but I really want to see an English dub added! I appreciate virtual reality hand-drawn anime art style. I'm hoping that because of some elements' deficiencies, gameplay may receive a lot of attention.


This is awesome, man!
There aren't many JRPG-only VR games available, so it's encouraging to see more being created.
Both the setting and the characters are fascinating!
I can imagine me amusing myself for hours by simply perusing everything.
Definitely going to research before purchasing this!