Pinhead returns - Hellraiser: Revelations (only it's NOT Pinhead)

Forever Knight

Eye See You



No Doug Bradley as Pinhead is really a bad thing. But I'm going to be honest... this film doesn't look as bad as I originally figured it was going to be and it can't be as bad as Hellraiser: Deader.

The new Pinhead could pass for a descent Cenobite but only if he wasn't Pinhead.

I know Bolt already has this on pre-order.

Forever Knight

Eye See You
The movie itself wasn't bad. I'd watch this over the last few Hellraiser films.

As for the new Pinhead, he was ok but it just felt weird without Doug Bradley. They should have just made this a reboot since there was no Bradley.

But yeah, probally one of the better Hellraiser films.