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With over 1000 TV episodes and 14 movies, the One Piece franchise just keeps sailing along. And its fifteenth movie is an inevitability, having been announced for the US and global market just today. One Piece Red is the name of the feature that will open in Western theaters this November.
One Piece Red is directed by Goro Taniguchi (One Piece Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack! OVA) and written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film: Gold). Series creator Eiichiro Oda serves as executive producer.
Uta—the most beloved singer in the world whose voice has been described as “otherworldly”—is renowned for concealing her own identity when performing. Now, for the first time ever, she will reveal herself to the world at a live concert.
With the Navy watching closely, the venue fills with Uta’s fans—including excited pirates and the Straw Hats led by Luffy, who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance—all eagerly awaiting the voice that the whole world has been waiting for to resound. The...

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One Piece is one of the finest anime series ever made, and this movie is already among the top anime releases of the year. I am aware of the issues, but I believe it is a fantastic movie based on the emotional content of One Piece. You should focus on the thorough description and comprehend Uta. Additionally, Luffy in this film is awesome and provides some context for his particular goal.


Creating a daughter for a major character like Shanks—a daughter who was never named or even hinted at—seems strange to me, even though I understand that anime movies often serve as filler. Will she eventually become canon if the fandom gives her enough support?


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I never had the motivation to watch One Piece because it is way too Long. I do not have the patience to catch up with a show that has thousand episodes. I prefer Anime that doesnt have thousands of fillers.


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I bet by the time I am a grandparent, Once Piece will still be on TV. That show had been on forever.