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How many of you here like watching documentaries and channels that deal primarily with nature? I do, once in a while, and I'm always amazed by how much I learn from these nature channels. National geographic does a great job, and so do all the other channels. Most people find this stuff boring; I felt that way was I was young and clueless.


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I don't like National Geographic at all, for me it's Discovery Chanel or nothing at all :p I love watching documentaries, but for some reason I don't like the National Geographic ones, it's something I really can't get. But I love almost everything from the Discovery Chanel, specially astronomy documentaries.
I used to watch shows about nature on Discovery channel. I read a lot of National Geographic magazine, which is the best magazine I have read. I like reading magazines and watching shows about nature.


On Saturdays, there are a couple of shows that showcase different animals. I have found myself looking forward to saturdays, so I can see what else they come up with. They also have interesting facts.


Before we got rid of tv altogether, I watched a ton of shows like that. I was mainly watching science and nature shows, history, bios etc. I love knowing what makes the planet tick and us and how we got here and the history and places we all come from. I'm a "why" girl.. I need to know why everything is what it is and nature is where we ALL come from. So yes, these shows appeal to me very much.. but much better to actually get out there and experience it :)


I usually listen to "nature" when I am about to go to sleep. I guess "watching nature" is very relaxing and mesmerizing.

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