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Miss Universe will now allow mothers and married women to compete. In American prime time, Miss Universe isn’t actually doing all that great. It only continued to be relevant in France, South East Asia, several African nations, and Latin America.
These competitions were only still relevant in those areas of the world. The biggest beauty contest in the world makes an effort to change by being more inclusive.In 2018, the first transgender woman competed in Miss Universe. Now another modification will take place to be more inclusive.
Mothers and married women can now participate in competitions. The group aimed to be more progressive and forward-thinking.
Some fans of the pageant are against this change because “Mrs. Pageants” exist.
It will also make the Mrs. Pageants irrelevant now that the women in the Mrs. division can...

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They need to apologize to the women they disqualified because they are mothers or they are got married/divorced.


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In theory, including divorced, married, expecting, or parents of young children sounds excellent because it offers all women a chance to fight for the title. But we also need to think about how winning the crown might affect people in the real world. How much extra would it cost candidates who won their national titles or MUs who had boyfriends or fiances currently? Furthermore, given how busy she is as Miss Universe, I have no idea how the organization will react if marital and parenting problems develop while she is in office or even worse, while she is participating in events. It's fantastic to be exclusive. But before making a decision, we must carefully weigh all options and circumstances. What looks fantastic on paper might not hold up in practice.
If they allow transwomen to compete now, Why should they bar biological women from competing merely because they are mothers or wives? Being a mother should not be a source of shame. Allowing mothers and wives is a celebration of femininity.


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Can they at least raise the age restriction to 35? Many women who fit that age bracket are capable of slaying. I had seen women from national pageants who can take the crown if given a chance but they cant compete their national pageant because they are overage.


Politics and woke culture are all that matter for them. It's a mess thanks to Amy Emmerich. Even if there are married or pregnant contestants, those who don't care to watch Miss Universe won't do so.


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The entire idea is ridiculous, they are dragging the pageant's rating straight to the ground and ruining the traditional standards that have been set before some of us were even born, pretty soon other international pageants will knock the miss universe fanchise from the top spot
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This is business after all and some of the people who watches these pageants are moms. Being a mom doesn't mean you cannot pursue your dreams anymore.


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Traditions are designed to be broken. If the judges are biased towards the mothers and wives, I wonder. I mean, coronation night is never won by transwomen, they are just there as the diversity hire.


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It's a great opportunity now for married wives and even the banned contestants for being allowed to compete once again. I really like the idea of inclusivity here.


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They have come a long way I'd say. There was a time only ladies who fit a particular 'look' would be sent to represent the individual countries. That's because anything else just wouldn't cut it. That has changed somewhat over the years and it's good to see ladies of different physical features, hair texture, etc., vying for the position.


Good idea. I am more fan for this than for transwomen compete. Transwome should have some different category. MILF's are back on big stage.