Maze Runner (Spoiler Alert)



I finally sat down and watched the Maze Runner on DVD. Actually, I had to watch it twice because it was disruptive in my house over Thanksgiving weekend.

So the movie was a bit confusing at first. A big WTF, was present in the first few minutes. I didn't really like that. I never read the books so this was totally alien for me. I had no expectations whatsoever. But I found it entertaining. I thought the maze was pretty cool, but I didn't understand why they had to be tested in that manner. That didn't make any sense to me. Why was it necessary? I guess that's how they get you to watch the sequels. They leave you will a big enigma.

Will I be watching it again? Probably not, unless I have a date over that happens to love these kinds of movies with no name actors and it's only backing is a hit series of novels.
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Dec 7, 2014
I didn't read the books either, but I saw the movie and I liked it. I think they are tested like that because of some disease that killed a bunch of people, so they are testing these people to make sure that will survive the newly destroyed world? I'm not a hundred percent sure. I also saw it a few weeks back, so I am not completely fresh on all of the details. Not all of those actors are brand new actors either, they aren't exactly seasoned either, but a few of them I definitely recognized.
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Dec 28, 2014
I just recently watched the movie and i do love it. The actors are decent and did their parts really well. The unexpected twists and turns of the movie were exciting and basically things that you didn't expect would happen actually happened in the movie and i love that they killed a character that the audience would actually love, although it's sad but the scenes are refreshing to watch. The movie is really interesting, i never expect i would like it to be honest. I really thought it's just one of those lame teen movies but boy i was so wrong. I basically love every moment of the movie. :)
Dec 18, 2014
I read the books first and as usual the movie was completely crap for me. I had such high expectations since the books were pretty good but in the movie they changed way too many things. I would've understood if they changed a few things but the stuff that they changed were the really important parts. I still don't understand why they thought that it would be a good idea. But anyway, my favourite character in the book and movie was MinHo.