Matcho: First Contact is the first of it’s kind because it combined two genres you never expect mix well. When I think of the Match 3 Genre, I think of Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Huniepop and all those mobile games with weird ads that has nothing to do with gameplay. This game is not your Mom’s Match-3 game because it is combined with a least likely game genre, A first person shooter! IGN uploaded the first 10 minutes of the game’s campaign mode.
Matcho: First Contact first 10 minutes of the Game

The game’s main enemies are called Bugs, and They look like camera robot drones who are hostile to humans. You can eliminate them by telekinetically attacking them three with the same color in a row, just like when you swipe candies for Candy Crush. Most Match three gives you a 2d board to work around, and making combinations is...

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Ley Nefel's #1 Boot Licker! :)
There is a chance this game will feel repetitive. They need to find a way to diversify the experience.