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As you know, the iconic anime Cowboy Bebop is getting a live-action adaption from Netflix next month. We don’t know yet what the series is like, but even if it stinks, it’ll increase awareness of the original. Funimation currently has it and they’ve announced a slew of new products and licensing deals capitalizing on any potential Bebop fervor. The bullet list includes shirts, posters, several different versions of collectible figures, and an undentified product from Funko (but they only make one kind of thing).

For fans who want to further their Cowboy experience, Funimation has a full licensing program around the series, including:

Exciting new offerings from Funko later this year

A new apparel line from Chalk Line in time for the holidays.

New posters from Trends International coming this year

Resin statue figurines from First4Figures, including Jet Black, with more to be added at

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