Legendary Hong Kong Actor Anthony Wong’s Lastest Project Needs Your Help


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Anthony Wong (aka Wong Chau-Sang/ Anthony Perry) is a familiar face to lovers of classic Hong Kong cinema. Whether it’s due to facing off with Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Leung in John Woo’s two-fisted tale of bullet-ridden mayhem “Hard Boiled”, as a noble policeman in (the film that inspired Scorsese’s “The Departed”) “Infernal Affairs”, as the murderous psychopath in “The Untold Story”, or literally hundreds of other roles- Wong is a bonafide legend of that once great film industry.
As you may know though, due to increased control (and censorship) from the mainland Chinese government, it is nearly impossible to get any film projects funded in Hong Kong. It has been even harder for Wong who has lost much of his acting opportunities due to his strong support of the pro-democracy protests that have occurred in Hong Kong the past few years. Things became so dire for him that he even relocated to Taiwan and worked for a time as a Chef.
Many fans believed that would be the end of his...

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