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Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Ok, so we now have Kamen Rider's Revi, Vice, Demons, Evil & Live & I think we're already being teased another one. Live is possibly the best looking Rider in the show, so far this year. Who has seen episode 10?

Dr Kain

I'm up to episode 8, but the designs for Evil and Demons are awesome, especially Demons. However, seriously, two more riders? I hope they stop there because so far this show has been exceptional.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
I am kind of shocked that they're managing to plug this much crap in their show & still tell a pretty intense story so far. But, yeah, I was right about another Rider. Episode 12 gave us Kamen Rider Jeanne & it looks like episode 13 is giving Revi his first upgraded form.

That being said, episodes 11-12 were damned good though.
A new villain shows up who decides to ally with the Deadmans & use them to achieve his dream of helping the world become a fairer & happier place to live & he is damned smart. I am really looking forward to what happens next, as Jeanne remembered seeing him earlier in the episode & he knows she saw him, so she is the link that could help the others connect him to what is happening, plus he's already pissed that her sudden appearance ruined his plans this week. We also find out that the Deadmans cult has apparently been around for a while, since Lady Aguilera claims she was raised in it.

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