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There WILL be an English dub for the Chinese animated epic Jiang Ziya — and the trailer released by Well Go USA today is proof.
Originally, Jiang Ziya was going to make its theatrical debut in this country on February 7, 2020. Various delays occurred (not all of them COVID-related if the original date was February) and it did not see the silver screen until October. You most likely missed it then, but it’s coming to home theater formats about a year later.
The film comes from Beijing Enlight Pictures, who produces CGI-animated movies based on Chinese lore for a primarily Chinese audience. Their first effort, Ne Zha, was a major hit in its home country, raking in the converted-to-dollars number of $720 million. The fanbase for such movies is more limited here, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have the chance to see them. Well Go USA Entertainment specializes in bringing culturally specific movies like this to America, and they’ve announced the acquisition of Jiang Ziya, to be released...
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