Tech Is there a solar energy based smartphone?

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Frequent power recharge in smartphones is one of the worst of part of modern mobile technology. As more and more power hungry apps are being introduced we have no other option but to keep it charged every now and then. But what if we have a fully solar energy based mobile phone in place?

I am not sure if there is a solar energy based model ever existed or not. I am not sure why mobile manufacturing companies are not focusing much on this aspect. They are busy manufacturing smartphones with latest features but with weak power backups.

Is there a mobile model available which is not based on conventional energy sources?


My wife received as a gift from a computer vendor a solar charger for smart phones. The charger however charges the battery only so that means you have to remove the battery from your smart phone and charge it under the sun. We haven't tested it because my wife gave it to our housemaid who was leaving for the province - their electricity supply in their home is very limited hence the solar charger for the smart phone is very useful for her.


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This is food for thought. Not very long back when I was researching on solar technology I do remember a solar smartphone being mentioned somewhere. However, I can't recall on details of its existence or usage.

Despite its obvious benefits I can imagine the world crowded on the windows and balconies throughout the day lol.

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