Introducing PlayStation Plus 'Instant Game Collection'



Last night, Sony's Jack Tretton announced that 12 free games would be available, for free, for PlayStation Plus members starting today. At the time, details surrounding these games - what they were or if this was a new feature - were slim, but today's PS Blog update has the first details about what Sony has dubbed the "Instant Game Collection."

The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection entitles players to a rotating selection of free games each month. This means that whenever you're signed up to PlayStation Plus, you'll have at least 12 games to download. This month's offering introduces 12 free games - the likes of which can be found above- that will be available throughout the month of June. Next month, an undisclosed amount of new games will replace some of these games, ensuring that you will always have at least 12 games at your disposal.

European PlayStation Plus users haven't been forgotten. While they will only have access to 10 games at a time, most games will be rotated every 12 weeks, as opposed to the 16-week schedule that the US PS+ has adopted. This rotational process means that EU users will receive more than 45 games in the coming year alone!

Whether you're subscribed to the US PlayStation Plus, or the EU PlayStation Plus, Sony has shown that this service is most certainly worth the money! Stay tuned for "Today on PlayStation Plus" later today to see what other goodies you'll be receiving as part of your weekly PS+ update!

Introducing PlayStation Plus 'Instant Game Collection'

I love PS+!


omg this is kind of awesome. I haven't really taken advantage of PS+ yet, but this may be my favorite feature... it motivates me to game, and always means I have something new to try. (until they start recycling)
You know what, between this and the previews of The Last Us and Beyond, I'm thinking that I might just bite the bullet and pick up a PS3, even though it will probably be obsolete in a year. I mean what do they even cost now? $150, $200?

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