House of Cards

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Who else binge watched it all at once and can't wait for the next season in February? I've watched both seasons 1 and 2 twice now and have found some interesting moments of foreshadowing that I'm dying to discuss with someone else. Any other fans out there?


I just finished watching Season 1 and season 2. Watched it all this week.
At first, I thought it was amazing. I watched 5 episodes in the row. Then it just became predictable and too easy.
Great characters (Claire), great acting (by everybody).
The pace was slow sometimes and I think they ruined Frank's character after what happened at the end of season 1. Or maybe that's what they wanted, make him as evil as possible. They succeeded. Season 2 was good too but Claire stole it. She's the real star.
Season 3 has to be less predictable or at least more challenging for Frank.