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Gotham Knights teased fans with a boss battle with one of the villains. The player is playing as Nightwing with Harley Quinn as the boss fight. These two fought in a video game before but not this brutal. Nightwing must capture Harley in the Return to Arkham DLC in the Arkham Knight, but they never engage in physical combat. There was a limitation on man-on-woman violence then. You just beat up her minions, and she will get arrested.
He and the former psychiatrist will now engage in a more physical battle. Harley dropped the baseball bat and Mallet for a sledgehammer and some electrocuting traps. She wants to kill Dick Grayson for real. Dick won’t be as gentlemanly anymore as he will now let her experience gender equality when it comes to a criminal like her.
Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn Boss fight

Harley Quinn has recently appeared in more heroic roles in live-action and animation...

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Harley became less villainous in comics and other media because she became such a beloved character. I kind of miss seeing her as evil. Tara Strong won't be voicing her on this game because , Tara Strong is busy voicing Harley for the Suicide Squad Game. So this time Mileenas' voice actress from Mortal Kombat will be Voicing her. I can't remember her name but she previously voiced Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 I believe.


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My favorite fictional Actor, Clayface is here. It will be hard for me to fight him because I love him so much, especially when he was method acting at the Harley Quinn show.
This is probably my favorite Harley Quinn aesthetic. Since it only appears for like a second in the trailer, the thumbnail allows you to see more of it. I believe that HQ has oversaturated, much like the Joker did years ago. Given that, I'm surprised that I'm excited to see her here, especially in a traditional villain role given that she's moved past it in most other media. Maybe in this world, she becomes an even greater threat than the Joker, rather than becoming an antihero.


More Always a plus is Mr. Freeze. Despite the fact that he has given us some excellent material in the past games, I am always eager for more! He was always one of my favorites, even before Batman The Animated Series retold his origin story, so it makes me very happy whenever he appears in the advertising for any Batman-related projects.


I like how, in cutscenes, the dialogue varies depending on which character you are controlling. The fight between Nightwing and Harley is kind of weird for me because they had sex before.

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I wish they see this as an opportunity to debut comics only villains as a way to introduce them to a larger audience. I notice that some members of the Batfamily are not in this game. I am talking about Catwoman, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown and Batwoman.


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Batgirl is more likable than Batwoman, Remember how hated the Batwoman show is. While people are angry the Batgirl movie got canceled. Batgirl is more popular than Batwoman.

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I was so used to seeing Harley as a "Good guy" because of the movies because DC wanted their own "Deadpool" I am glad Harley is evil again even if it's just a multiverse ****


Harley looks like her incarnation from the Birds of Prey Tv series from early 90s
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This is so stunning I must say. Harley Quinn remains to be my favorite villain character on the Gotham Knights


But didn't Harley become 'good guy' in Birds of Pray? Looks like we see difference between comics and movie now we will see difference between videogames and movies. Videogames will become more similar to original comics.


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With Batman not around, I wonder if the Gotham Knights will kill villains. Batman have a no killing policy but Redhood kills people.


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There is a new video about the more evil Harley, She is basically having a midlife crisis and with Joker and Ivy not with her anymore. She decided to become her own woman after being sidekicks of other villains for so long.

I love Harley so it is going to be weird that I have to kill her in this game.


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I know Harley is suppose to be evil but this is the first time I saw this serious dark and scary. She is not the child like Harley everyone knows in this game.

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