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I could remember back in 2003 when I was in school people were talking about how good Doom 3 was going to be. I did not have anybody to talk about the Doom 3 game with so I was left out. Then 2004 hit and the gamers were looking at some FPS games to go and buy in the market. A few of the other big FPS games that were out during that time were Half-Life 2 and Farcry. I never had Half-Life 2 so I never got to play Counter Strike Source. I do have Farcry and it is still in my room lol. It has been years since I had played it but that game was revolutionary for its time. I can recall the fourth game coming out this year which I am uncertain if Jack Carver is the main character or not. I could remember when my dad helped me build my first computer around 2006 so I could play some of the games of that time. I got to have Doom 3 and I have to say that during that time I was impressed with the overall scenery. For 2004 its one of the most detailed FPS games that I had played. I just could not get over how it is the future and they do not have the flashlight on the gun which you can download the flashlight mod to fix that. The gameplay was okay but got repetitive after a while. The Cyberdemon was disappointingly easy which shows that a simple cube could do the work. I heard about there being a Doom 4 which I do not know if it is already out or still in the works. Is there anyone who knows about Doom 4?