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In 2020 a card battling game called Deck Of Ashes was released for PC. Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, you play as one of several mythical characters fighting for survival under the wrath of the Ash Curse, a dark force that’s brought countless demons and monsters to the overworld. The areas are procedurally generated, so you won’t know what to expect next. Build a good deck and you may just survive.
The game has now launched for modern consoles as well. While this will all be new to console gamers, those who have the PC version will also find something new as well: a DLC chapter launched at the same time. The main game in Deck of Ashes has five characters, but now there’s a sixth: Sibyl the Dark Soul, only playable in the DLC. She is “a lonely but fearless fighter looking to bring her race back from extinction,” and fights with a bow and arrow.

Tactical card battler featuring a rogue’s gallery of antiheroes in search of redemption in an apocalyptic world
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