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While the multiplayer survival horror game Dead By Daylight has been around for a while, its mobile version is just one year old. Within that time though it’s grown by leaps and bounds, with millions of downloads and 60 million trials played so far. A lot of the licensed characters from the PC version have also crossed over, from Freddy Krueger to Leatherface to the Demogorgon.
“Building up the DbD Mobile team and game was a year-long process where I got to work with a group of truly talented, warm and often hilarious people,” says the producer of the mobile game, Valentine Dessertenne. “We’re all deeply proud of the game we made, and this shows in how far we’ve taken DbDM from a barely-there prototype to a flourishing live game. I’m excited to see what’s next for DbDM and this awesome team we’ve put together.”
The birthday celebration has begun. Anniversary Gift Boxes are now available in the game for free. From now through April 25, these boxes will contain the Summer Camp...
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