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Dana Puch, a game developer from Barcelona, has created several homebrew games for the Game Boy. He’s wrapping up work on his most ambitious project for the handheld yet, The Shapeshifter…and you can get a physical copy through the crowdfunding campaign he’s recently launched.
In The Shapeshifter you play as Elliot, just a normal dude out on a normal camping trip. What’s AB-normal is when an elf shows up, tells Elliot that he is the only one who can save elf-kind from an evil wizard, and grants him the magic power to turn into different animals. Elliot can’t just mess around with his new gift…it’s temporary and will only last through the night. He must embark on his journey and defeat the wizard before the sun rises!
The Shapeshifter has performed so well that it smashed its most ambitious stretch goal last weekend: a port of the game to the NES. However, the NES game is not part of...
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