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Square’s controversial classic is finally back from the past! Chrono Cross, which originally released in Japan in 1999 for the original Playstation, has been cleaned up and restored for modern-day gamers. If you missed it the first time, don’t make the same mistake twice!
It’s been over twenty years since CC’s original release, and it hasn’t been made available since in any form beyond an emulated version. What took the game so long, you ask? The usual problems were in the way: lost source code and assets. The code had to be untangled from scratch and the backgrounds had to be upscaled from standard definition. They used some AI algorithms this time, with mixed results (better than how Final Fantasy IX looks, but it still wouldn’t fool anyone). I would like to think Square has learned from all these reverse-engineered reconstructions and now saves all their work, but…this is modern-day Square we’re talking about so probably not.
This is one I’ve been impatiently waiting for, so I...

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I would have preferred a sequel or remake, but a remaster will do. I still want to see a new game, though. I am still bitter when Square Soft ordered a cease in decease to the attempted fan game remake years ago.


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Hmm... This remaster is all I could ask for a long time. It captures the original game's elegance while upgrading it just enough to maintain its nostalgia. It may be a 'new' release... However, comparing it to recent games isn't the best comparison. We want the game to be loyal to itself as it was in 1999.
If you want to play a game with more modern gameplay, I recommend checking out some of the other new RPGs every year.


I'm excited to give this game a shot as someone who has never played it before. Looks like a fun blast from the past. I love Boomer Games.