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Brit awards wanted to be more inclusive to the non Binary community. Singers like Sam Smith and Demi Lovato do not identify as neither men or women. They use They/Them pronouns. To be more inclusive, the Best Male Artist and Best female artist will be replaced by Best British Artist. The Best International Male and female will also be merged into one gender-neutral category. Rather than being inclusive, this change will screw over the women. Look at the Best director and Screenplay Category in Oscars, the nominees are always male. Though women had won those gender-neutral categories before, it was always once in a blue moon. This make me question of Brit Awards is doing the right decision.

There have been petitions before to remove the best actress category and make both genders compete for a single Best Actor category.

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Getting rid of the male and female categories doesn't sit well with me. The non-binary category will be one sided.


I don't understand why do they need to do that and if they like to fit them up in some category they should add another category as this way they are not doing any good to the talented female Artists.

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