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It didn’t take long for Best Buy to respond to Target’s deliberate leaking of their Black Friday sale prices. They are appropriately competitive and in some cases Target has been one-upped. The one thing we can’t determine are the price of the XBox One bundles. There are three offered here, but their prices are stuck in perpetual “load” mode for us on the page (here, you try).
Target offered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for $45. Best Buy slashed it even further, down to $39.99. And they’re also offering Shenmue 3 for $35, one week after its release (it isn’t out yet).
The PS4 1 TB bundle seen at Target is also available here, for the same price ($199.99). It appears the games Target offered are actually part of the package, so you’ll be able to get Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Last Of Us Remastered no matter where you go.
In terms of games there are some great...
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