Batman: the Imposter is a thrilling three-book compilation that shows the audience the early days of the caped crusader. It was first released last year as a limited-run series, but now all issues can be bought in one compilation.
The world’s greatest detective had to start somewhere before he became the human who could beat titans. Andrea Sorrentino‘s art style captures the essence of Mattson Tomlin’s writing. They have refreshing chemistry when narrating this dark and gritty tale. Even though this comic is not related to the Fear the Batman film, they capture the same mood that will make the bibliophile feel they are related even if they are not.
DC Comics released a trailer to hype you to buy a copy of this Black Label book.
Batman: The Imposter Trailer

In this Graphic Novel, Bruce Wayne is just a few months into his career as Batman. As days went by...

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