Batman: The Adventures Continue - Season Three #5, Young Justice: Targets Collection Coming May 2023 From DC Comics

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The continuing third season of Batman: The Adventures Continue and a Young Justice: Targets collection are among DC Comics’ releases solicited as hitting shelves starting April 2023. The Young Justice: Targets collection picks up following the events of Young Justice: Phantoms, the fourth and most-recent season of the acclaimed Young Justice animated series. Continue below (read full article...)


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The cover art for the upcoming issue? It's just incredible! Scott Godlewski is a fantastic artist who has caught the Joker's passionate personality. It's fascinating to see how different painters interpret these legendary figures. I'm also looking forward to seeing the variant covers for the upcoming issue, which I'm sure will be just as great. According to the solicitations, the next issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue will be action-packed and exciting. I'm excited to see what thrills and turns the writers have in store for us.

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Alright, alright, alright! I'm just tickled pink to hear that DC Comics is keeping the good vibes going with their animated properties. Both Batman: The Adventures Continue and Young Justice have got some diehard fans out there, and I'm one of 'em. I'm downright intrigued to know what other projects that Jordan Gibson is cooking up in the DC kitchen. That fella's got a whole lot of talent, and I'm certain he's got some thrilling things in the works that are just waiting to be unleashed. Keep your eyes peeled, folks - it's gonna be a wild ride!


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What's up, bud? Can me tell you, dawg, the next issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue is going to be straight fire. I'm on the edge of my seat because of the narrative concerning Queen Perdita being kidnapped! I'm really looking forward to seeing how all of the different super-teams work together to save her. Without a question, this is going to be an extraordinary ride.

And, yes, the Young Justice animated series is still alive and well! I'm excited to see what new characters and themes they introduce in the Targets collection. Let me tell you, those DC Comics people know how to keep the good times flowing. It's going to be insane!


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The upcoming issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue, written by none other than Alan Burnett and Paul Dini, is sure to be a treasure mine for Batman fans. You know these authors are genuine, right?
And Ty Templeton—don't even get me started—that scallywag has some genuine skills! I'm virtually quivering with excitement to see how he visualizes the story in the next issue. It will undoubtedly be a visual feast.With the alternate covers, I'm curious to see how the various artists interpret the characters. It's a joy to notice the differences.

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