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Attack on Titan collaborates with Behavior Interactive for a crossover.  There are fans who wants to see Anime titles in Dead By Daylight. Most of the Licensed characters are from movies, TV,Books and Video Games.  Some fans an Anime collaboration is impossible with Dead by Daylight because of Artstyle differences. Dead by Daylight uses a photo-realistic art style and the Anime Aesthetics may not translate well. Well things may change after this collaboration.  Unfortunately, This not going to be a Chapter.
Attack on Titan characters uses Omni-Directional Mobility Gear when they battle Titans.  Dead By Daylight characters just run for their lives. Sure we had action based crossovers like the Resident Evil Survivors but  they are nerfed to have no weapons. Also the Maps of Dead By Daylight will be too small for the Titans. So the Collaboration between Attack on Titan is a costume collection instead.
This Costume Collection got revealed on the Dead by Daylight 6th year Anniversary...

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I will change this world
The Armored Titan is the size of a Building. Lady Dimitrescu is taller than the Oni. I would love some horror Anime to be adapted into a chapter. Lucy from Elfen Lied will be a terrifying Killer.