Comics 9th Elsewhere

May 21, 2014
This started out as a webcomic that was published in 2007, although people who put through the orders didn't get their copies until 2010--and then the website became defunct.

One of the only reviews out there for 9th Elsewhere is absolutely scathing, which is fair but too bad because I personally thought it was cute, with an animesque style, classic orphaned hero's journey, and whimsy tempered by a mellow sort of melancholy. It's basically about a struggling artistic soul who's been shuffled around foster homes and feels too bad about it to create anything, and is then sent a muse to help her but he just makes things worse and they both end up locked in her dreamland. They've planned an ending, which is that she wakes up a few moments after she's supposed to have gone to sleep, no matter how long they spend in dreamland--but until they figure out how to wake the main character up, she has to explore her psyche and learn more about her incompetent though well-meaning new muse friend. For a main character so miserable, the dreamland does not get particularly dark.

Does anyone know what happened to (or in--please do spoil me) this comic? Or to the creator, Caroline Curtis?